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When in #Monaco, do yourself a favor and take a boat out. ⛵️⚓️🌅 #homesweethome #yachtlife #montecarlo #riveria @Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The Swagnam. The hero we need but dont deserve. #yachtlife #yachstagram #globetrotting @Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Designblok - Prague Design and Fashion Week 2015

What was the most exciting thing at Designblok this year?

Hint: it comes with four wheels.

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Amidst all the swank and flash fashion, furniture and concepts that were on display during the Czech Design and Fashion Week, the one that packed up the show in it’s boot and stole it, had to have been this ŠKODA Superb Black Crystal. With rims coated in StarDust that sparkle more than the Casino de Monte Carlo and the badge made of high quality crystal, the car looked as if it was fit to be the belle of the ball.

This unique angle on the Superb was a cooperation between ŠKODA and renowned glassworks, PRECIOSA and the same coating finish of tiny, bright crystals was used by ŠKODA design to create the Tour de France trophies. That said, we should roll the dice to see if ŠKODA produces this edition in a limited manner so I can actually get my hands on one!

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A free sausage for the first person to identify this little beauty?

Give it up for the Atom... It's easy on parking and makes a nice #BentleySandwich @Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Usually 4 old men peering into something would be creepy... But this is a carshow. #getawaywithit

Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe... Which Audi... Stole... The show?

What is the collective name for a group of Rally drivers?

There's a reason Porsche takes corners so well with curves like these... Share your favorite curves. #Porsche #PorscheLife #PorscheGram #PorscheFan #PorscheCrew #PorscheClub #InstaCar #CarGram #CarGramm #CarsOfInstagram #CarInstagram #Cars #InstaCool #InstaDaily #PorscheDaily #InstaGood #InstaLike #Porsches #PorscheSociety #PorscheDesign #PorscheTurbo

IAA Frankfurt 2015
I did an interview with my friends at WeHeart and they called me a 'Car Maniac'… What do you think? ;-)

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ŠKODA hostesses @iaamesse weren't just showing me the cars but also showed me a few dance moves. #skodafan #iaa2015 #Frankfurt #dancingwiththestars #carshow #greatday #greattimes

So the day begins and you can win a Sony Action Mini Cam! All you have to do is find me, shoot me & tag me #whereiscarlo. I will be choosing 5 winners based on my favorite insta pics. Find me 9:00-12:00 in Hall #3 (vw group) 12:30-13:30 in Agora. 14:00-17:00 in Hall #6 & Hall #9 @iaamesse

Had a smashing time at Frankfurt! Keep your eyes to the road for more highlights! @iaamesse #whereiscarlo #skodafan #skodamotecarlo #carlo&lea #skodacitigomontecarlo #iaa2015

A winning curtain call. Take a bow ŠKODA

Taking in the scenery @iaamesse let me tell you; it is lovely. #skodafan #skodamontecarlo #skodaiaa #hotcars #whereiscarlo #germangirlsdoitbetter


A car made of wood? What’s not to like?

The true stars of IAA Frankfurt were the concepts: prototype cars that typically fall into the realm of the alien, brilliant, groundbreaking or even bizarre. The Julia, a car made completely out of wood, encapsulates all of these and was one of the stars of the show.

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The Julia is the brain child of designer Szabó Péter, who spent over 5,000 hours working on this creation using only ash wood, calf leather, metal and nary a piece of plastic. Péter is from Transylvania, Romania, which explains why you would make a car from wood…you never know when you’ll run into Dracula and need a spare stake.

While other automotive manufacturers have technology, bags of money and fully staffed teams, you have to salute Péter for pushing the limits of design and style in the automotive field. It is truly a wonder on wheels.


Win my 2015 IAA ‘SWAG PACK’. For those driving to the automotive festivities at IAA Frankfurt on September 25th and 26th, I’m giving away one of five SWAG PACKS; featuring a SONY action mini cam, Herschel backpack and more!

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Because ever great driver needs a furry co-driver. #BellaTheDog is my co-pilot. #dogsofinstagram #doglover #dogstagram #weimaraner

#Repost @stationgarage One of my favourite cars with #style and #substance. What are yours? #classiccarsdaily #skodafan #skoda #oldtimer #classiccar #skodaclassic

Because everyday is a bit better with a bit more #rally ! #rallylife #motorsport #skoda #fabiaR5 #wrc #adac

A little bit of gardening at the winners ceremony yesterday. #RallyeDeutschland #adacrally #TamracSpec #rallylovers #rallyfans

So close to the border that I can smell Luxembourg from here.. Oh wait that's just the vineyards the cars are drifting through. #ADAC #rallyedeutschland #WRC #moselland #vineyard

Experience rally driving like a pro!
This weekend sees the latest leg of WRC in Trier, Germany. Rally might be a sport that doesn’t flash up on many people’s radar but one man wants to change that. For the uninitiated, the world of rally can be an entirely alien one. I attend motorsport events all over Europe and nowhere are cars put through their paces more than at a rally.
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Nothing beats the adrenalin rush of high-speed hairpin turns and a flying finish. And to think, these cars are models you can find at your local garage. (OK, there are some differences – but the soul of the beast is there!) From anti-lag systems to zero cars, there is a whole lexicon for newcomers to get their heads around, but what if you just want a brief intro to this wonderful sport?

My motto in life is to always be prepared. To that end, here are my survival tips to get into rally and make the most of your time on the road.

1. The early bird catches the worm. Make sure to arrive early enough to get a prime position on the track. With 21 stages and over 1200km for ADAC Deutschland this weekend, there is space for everyone but the three or four prime spots get snapped up fast. This weekend’s rally is seen as one of the toughest with bumpy terrain in the Mosel region, mountain roads in Eifel, even military tracks in Baumholder. The 2.7km sprint on military terrain can pretty much be viewed all from one location so I’ll be trying to get my spot there to spectate.

2. It’s an all-day event so…. Snack up! It’s important to enjoy yourself over the course of the day and no one has a good time on an empty stomach. Cricketers break for lunch and tea, but at rally you can have your delectables of choice with you through the whole event. And scout out the best food trucks. They will serve you well!

3. Rally is a year-round sport with the season running from January to December. Dig out that stylish poncho (or the free one you got from that festival that time) and maybe leave the suede shoes at home as mud is almost inevitable. When I went to Finland last month, waders would have been appropriate – though they wouldn’t have gone with my racing suit. Tricky choices had to be made.

4. Steady your nerve. Once you’re set up to watch brace yourself for speed. It takes guts to get behind the wheel of a rally car but also to be in close range of one going at 170km per hour. Rally drivers react within milliseconds to twists in the terrain and witnessing it is a real adrenalin rush. Feel the rush!

5. Do a little research on the city your rally of choice is in and party. Seriously. These guys know how to celebrate and there are gigs and parties to suit everyone. Teams put on different headliners, there are more energy drinks than I know what to do with! You might not get to meet a rally driver everywhere you go, but if I see you, I’ll get you a drink. I’ll be the guy in the tux.

Finnish Lines were crossed!
In Finland they’re many things. Most of those many things start and end with trees and lakes. I know this because last weekend I took a wrong turn somewhere near Antibes and wound up in Suomen Tasavalta (aka The Republic of Finland). This was a happy accident as Rally Finland was happening. I made the most of it; heading off to Jyväskylä, pitched a tent and sat back with Bella watching the race, hoons and tattooed people that made up such a lovely city.
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By Sunday, I had eaten 117 frankfurters and my racing suit was stretched to the point where I could qualify to be a driver and co-driver. Managed to sneak into the victory celebration after name-dropping Grandpappa and had so much fun with the ŠKODA Motorsport team and local Finns that I woke up in Sweden.

…Finding a flight back to Monte Carlo has been an adventure on it’s own.

This kid knows what's up. #OfficalWRC #RallyFinland #rallifiilis #rallyfan

Watching the flying Finns and speeding Swedes @RallyFinland #rallifiilis #furiousroad #skoda #fabiar5 #OfficialWRC #motorsport #jump

Insane day at #Rallyfinland with #skodamotorsport. Pedals go metal in Jyvaskyla and hoons turn pro!

Only in Monte Carlo #carporn #carlove

Ten to one these are still on the road in Havana as taxis... #Skoda #Felicia #Octavia #VivaHabana #Vintage #Classic #Awesome #Cars

Bella peered out into the wild blue sea and saw...the wild blue sea. #sea #BellaMonte #BellaTheDog #huntingdog #weimarer #dogmodel #BestCopilot

If i paint I always think of my friends: Salvador, Pablo, Viktor, Albrecht, Gustav and my fellow known as Banksy. Which type of art do you collect, or invest in? Pop Art, Classics or your own?

Good morning from Monte Carlo #frenchriviera #wanderlust #monaco

After testing cars in Geneva it's time to test out my new Pool. #spring #pool #MonteCarlo #splash

Geneva Motor Show 2015 #CarloMonte

Geneva Motor Show 2015 #CarloMonte

Geneva Motor Show 2015 #CarloMonte

Thanx Geneva – someone designed a car around my business cards.

My king: Steve McQueen #GIMS

Even these guys spelled my name correctly - almost. #ThanksSkoda #Skoda #GIMS #MonteCarlo #CarloMonte

Office with a view. Good to be back at #GIMS

Sometimes you have to take the plane to see the best cars
If you visit Switzerland as a tourist make sure you try their cheese, watches and chocolate. If you go there as a test-driver make sure you visit Geneva Motorshow 2015. #GIMS

If you leave Monte Carlo make sure you do it in style. C u soon in Switzerland. #GIMS #CarloMonte

Shot my photographer because he shot first #undresstoimpress #owncollection #CarloMonte

#Testtrack Back on the track. Getting ready for Monte15. #newSeason #Fabia #S2000 #Monte15 #CarloMonte

Some want to have a room with a view. I prefer 8 of them. With the view on our castle. And the garden. And the pool. And the track. Up for a sundowner or breakfast? Just bring your swimsuit and don't forget your car!

#PragueGoCart Do you see me? I started with Nr. 2, finished as Nr. 1 #1992 #GoGoGocart #PraguePilots #CarloMonte

The sweet smell of victory. My best friend then became my lawyer. Maybe because I won every single race against him. #sorryTim #born2drive #rallyisnotacrime #CarloMonte

Dad @Work: Part of the golden team: Rallye Monte Carlo '77. #Gold #SkodaRs130 #czech #rallyteam #CarloMonte

Found tons of forgotten pics from good ol' Monte Carlo.
Found Dad’s first #Hasselblad and loads of forgotten pics from the family in good ol’ Monte Carlo, Prague and Italy! Have to share... In front: Me and my first car. Behind: Our first captain and Dad’s best man. Captain always said: “Rally is like sailing – it’s all about your tailwind!” He then won several regattas, and Dad several Rallies Automobile Monte-Carlo. Can't wait for Monte 15!

#Cote_dAzur Mom trying to impress dad - worked out #MonteCarloDresscode #MonteCarloBeach #39 #CarloMonte

#CasinoMonteCarlo Dad trying to impress mom - with the wrong car. #girlsloveredcars #Casinodate #bet_on_black #CarloMonte

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